Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Our Fantastic Writing

The white furry beast leapt off the cliff. I could see the fear in his sparkling eyes as he splashed the water into the other creatures face.

It is a dark gloomy grey sad day. I would give anything to see my old shelled creature, it could run very slowly out there. My very disappointed old friend, walks so very slowly to his beautiful house. Then to his excitement I would pick him up and place him outside, one second later he wants back in.

The adventurous white furred creature attempts the extreme to become a popular artist. The beautiful crystal creature leaps from a wondrous ledge and zooms through the icy cold air. Splash! The beautiful cold water filled the creature’s fur. The other furred creature watched the whole thing and is now roaring with horrendous laughter. The furred beasts are now happy with enjoyment on the crystal clear lumpy ice.

1 comment:

  1. Fabulous writing team!! Great to have published writers in Kahikatea Miss Tangney.