Thursday, 22 May 2014

The Holy Spirit is...

These are some of our ideas about what the Holy Spirit is...

Who you are on the inside, the truthful one - Ruby
The spirit of Peace - Isaac
The colour of the Holy Spirit is rich gold like you see on the Whittakers chocolate wrapping - Cameron
It is a mystery that will never be solved until death, and possibly not even then - Joseph
It is the good soul inside us - Shem
It is a symbol of the power and love of God - Halalova
A shining light in each and every one of us has inside of us that keeps us with God - Elizabeth
Is like a third parent that helps you do the right thing - Michael
Voice inside your head that tells you the right decisions - Vannisah
The Holy Spirit is a leader, supporter, mascot and the way of the proper life - Yneke

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