Monday, 30 June 2014

Our amazing writing

In kahikatea Mrs Patterson has been teaching us writing and this is what we've accomplished. We wrote about a boy in mud. This is an example of a good sentence from our writing: he jumped into the warm,slimey mud oozing from head to toe.

Good Samaritan Stories

We rewrote the Good Samaritan story with a twist. These are some examples of our work.

Old MacDonald was slipping and sliding from Antarctica to Canada when he came across the Big Bad Wolf who huffed and puffed and blew him to the ground leaving him winded. Now by chance the Seven Dwarfs came chattering along and when they saw the old striped clown they hobbled around him. Then came along Cinderella and gasped when she saw him, and kept wandering along. Not much later Old Mother Hubbard arrived to where Old MacDonald lay gasping on the ground. She felt sorry for him and put him on her own golden goose and flew him to a crib and took care of him. The next day Old Mother Hubbard gave the crib owner all of her bones and told the crib owner to take care of Old MacDonald and when I come next I will give you even more bones.
Which person acted more like a neighbour, the Big Bad Wolf or Old Mother Hubbard?
He answered, “Old Mother Hubbard,” and Jesus said, “Go and do likewise.”
By Yneke and Tegan

A Gorilla was leaping down from Africa to Australia, where she came across a giant T-Rex who broke his bones and left him to suffer, on the side of the road. Now by chance a friendly looking Tiger was walking by and saw the Gorilla suffering to death, the Tiger ignored the Gorilla and walked off also leaving the Gorilla to suffer. Much later a Horse came by to see what happened he felt sorry for the Gorilla and went to help her. The next day the Gorilla went back to her home cured, he went to see the kind Horse and said “Thanks you for curing me, you showed others how to be a good neighbour.” And Jesus said, “Go and do likewise.”

By Jordan

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Production practice

This morning we lined up and went to whole school production practice. Before we got there we had to grab a book to read when we were sitting and looking at other peoples peformances. They were all very good but ours was the best according to Miss Tangney. So the only thing we have not seen is the spice girls that the teachers are doing. 

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Assembly certificates

Well done Tyla for receiving a certificate for your writing. There were 2 other certificates for this week but they weren't called out. More certificates next week instead now.

Jordan's cat

This is Jordan's cat Gandelf.Its Persian breed cat if you can't tell.bYou have to brush it everyday or it will get lots of hair knots. Also you have to take care of his paws or they will get very dirty.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Peer coaching

This afternoon we had Mrs Asi and we did some peer coaching with each other for netball and basketball. We were fantastic teachers, these are some photos of us in action.

Silent writing

After lunch we all do sustained silent writing ( SSW) this is Mackenzie doing it with her milk. Miss Tangney gives us a instruction about something on the board on Mondays we can choose something from our cultural language and identity box!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Little yellow friends

Ruma kahikatea is getting ready for the big day with our little yellow friends :) ;)

Monday, 23 June 2014

New playground equipment

Children have had a new excitement in their playground and would readily accept an offer to have a black rubber tube in their hands, from their classmates.  They like making fun games and sharing them with other friends.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Buddy reading

Every Friday we buddy read with Rimu these are some pictures of us in action.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Principals award

Well done to the year 5 and 6 ripper team that was awarded the principals award this week, we are very proud of you. Well done girls and Jacob, Seth and Kaleb.


Congratulations to our certificate winners this week! Roger for settling in well, Cameron for his writing, and Noah and Harriet for their maths. Keep on reaching for the stars!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Weekly brain teaser

In kahikatea each week we create riddle to go on a wall in the classroom for the class to come look at
And try and figure out this is one of most recent riddles
If you can't see what it says 
Riddle: what can run but never walk 
Has a mouth but never talks
Has a head but never weeps has a bed but never sleeps
Can you figure it out?

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Animal encounters

Today some of us shared our animal weight projects. We learned many interesting things today,like a trycirtops weighs 12000KGs and 1200000 grams wow that's a lot! And 1 paperclip weighs the same as an ant! Some truly astonishing presentations and facts.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

It was a day when mud turned evil

A simple boy was squirming and getting stuck in the sticky stuff, he tried to make his way out of the disgusting brown goo. It was like it was taking control of him. He was squirming in the mud, screaming at the top of his lungs for help.

By Jack

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Antonia's Writing

Nearly every weekend, once a month the shotgun goes bang and something falls over. He gets up at 5:00 and comes home at 9:00, showing off his hard work.

A few days later you hear Dad in the kitchen. The chopping board all marked, by not a kitchen knife but a sharp hunting knife, that is covered in blood. With the back steaks out he starts to prepare it with all sorts of things like mustard, sauce, and soy sauce.

Then he puts it in the pot its ready ten minutes later then, "Tea's ready!" He yells out the window.

Fitness with Kate

Our class having some fun doing fitness with Kate. Kate has come to our school to do fitness games and other things, We even got to have a go at riding on blankets!!!!

Monday, 9 June 2014

Sebastian's Writing

Castle of Old

The sun shone over the valley, touching the tips of the citadel's towers. The deep sound of people and animals walking, running and jumping on the cold hard cobble.
The fresh water tinkled off hillsides and out of fountains. Rusted statues littered the homes and buildings of the civilization. Flags flew and fluttered as the wind blew hard and strong.

Jacob's Writing

Imagine having a massive magical brick castle with statues in every corner when you turn. With its colourful tents and big courtyard, that you can run around in. Imagine having beautiful weather and lovely beaches. In this lovely place that is a 5 star resort, but if you are in the dungeons you better watch out. Man if I own this place with a house as tall as the furthest point of the moon. I would have finished creating my world.

Milk competition

On Tuesday the 10th of June the junior school children had a competition of who could fold their milk cartons the fastest.The milk moniter's helped Miss Tangney to write down the winners and their times. They also helped to sort out the groups so the children could be taken there at separate times. The top three winners get to go to the Otago milk folding competition where there will be lots of other children from other schools around Otago. The winners of the Otago milk folding competition, will win a year supply of milk.

Duran's Writing

As I looked into the clear beautiful water I could see the long green strips of seaweed. I dived into the freezing cold water, with a trail of bubbles right behind me. I looked around and saw all kinds of fish, clown fish with white and orange strips, rainbow trout with all it's colours and sword fish with its sharp nose that shone in the water.

Other blogs

Check out the fantastic blogs from some of the children in our class in the class blog link tab at the top.
Read Isabella's great writing on her blog:

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Jordan's Writing

Flying Potatoes

Mostly on a sunny day Mum and I would pick potatoes from our vegie garden. Then we would go outside to the chooks and rat pack all the eggs, we also will often pick onions from the soil down by Grandma’s.

Once we got all the ingredients, Mum raved up the pan and melted butter, then put the onions in the pan to brown. While the onions were cooking Mum had the potatoes in the oven so they crisp when you put them in them in the pan. “Hmm nice and crispy,” I mumbled when I was checking how long it would be till tea is ready.

Mum separated the eggs and mashed up the yolks that were in them and then put them in the pan to cook the potatoes and onions. Soon tea is ready Mum plops the food out of the pan onto our plates.

“Dinner is served,” Mum called, “Enjoy.”

Happy dance

This is our dance for school production so far, we have still got three weeks to get it looking even better.

Our box

This is one of our boxes that one of our students made.We use it for our inspiration for our writing.In the box it has some pictures and important things that we cherish. It is called a culture, language and identity box.

Assembly certificates

Congratulations to Michael and Emily for receiving the certificates at Assembly on Friday. Keep up the hard work both of you.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

School Production

The school production is in week 9 on Thursday 3rd of July.
We are singing: Imagine Dragon's - On top of the world
We are dancing to: Pharrell Williams - Happy

There will be some videos of us in action soon
Check these songs out at:

Sunday, 1 June 2014

More of our fantastic 'show not tell' writing

As the beast of ice stormed out of his small cave of solitude, he noticed a shout from the cave above. It was another master of ice but something was wrong. The fluff ball was too close to the edge, but he was getting ready to jump. He counted one, two, three… Then there was silence for a few seconds, then “BOOM”, a might splash deafened everyone’s ears.
Keane and Jack

The white pillow snow covers the nature that is usually as green as a sea-monster. The smoke covers all the sky like a huge grey blanket. A rope falls from the sky, dangling in the air waiting for something to grab it. A tall creature walks over to it and waits as if it is waiting for something to come down.

The leaves crackled beneath his tin feet. His creaking legs jumped in the cool shade of the oak tree like sand-hoppers springing between the tiny grains of sand. A rushing breeze swam through the branches, forcing the leaves to fall, to add to the collection. Suddenly a loud horn tooted with angry hoot, a large stream of smoke rose up like as if it was a cloud.
His eyes stared at the railroad that lay before him. Terror swept through his body as a huge camouflaged vehicle came rushing past with a chain of colourful boxes, with determination to reach its destiny, but what was that I saw…

The emerald green squirtle peeked out the glass surface. The day was grey, the rain was bucketing down like the 1970s. The rain, getting heavier and heavier, spilled like the Benmore dam. The lightning lit up like a disco ball in a dramatic fashion.
Joseph and Kaleb

The leaves glow like a glittering dark cave, as the sun gleams through the trees. A little machine wanders through the glowing forest like a lion searching for prey. Suddenly a dark puff of smoke rises into the air, it gets higher and higher, then it slowly fades away in the breeze. The wandering machine jumps on all different autumn coloured leaves.
The little machine slowly makes its way through the glowing wonderland. He finds some sort of vehicle that goes on the track and has huge containers on the back. On the little machine he has a tiny pattern, on the bottom left hand side he sees that pattern on the container.

It was a crisp autumn day. The sun was shining like a disco ball, I decided to take a hike. It was a passionate day, like something was going to happen, kind of day. The orange leaves reminded me of life itself, born in spring, youthful in summer, settling down in autumn and forgotten in winter. I look up smoke is in the air.
I look at these strange metal rods on the ground, then a train comes around the corner. Well it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what the strange metal rods are. I begin to count the coaches one by one, then something catches my eye, something familiar is on one of those carriages. I somehow feel a part of the carriage, I must know more.

The enormous white furry beast while waiting to eat was using his gigantic jaws to chomp on an unsuspecting fish. Then this white coloured monster leapt into the air like an eagle soaring through the sky. Splash! A giant wave came out of nowhere. The mighty beast’s eyes reflected the horror that he felt, as a large shadow zoomed towards him.

His white fur glistened in the sun, ice breaking under his feet. Licking its lips as it looks at schools of fish. He watches his friend resting on the ice below. Taking his last breath, he jumped into the depths of the sea, his friend watched in amazement as he froze in mid-air. His ferocious teeth cracked as he stopped. He was very disappointed that he never caught the fish because the fish swam away.

The mechanical being walked through the forest, the autumn breeze blew his mechanical body. Steam filled the air, the small machine looked curiously almost intrigued by the steam. He hobbled over to see what it was. It was a train zooming past with colourful carriages. Suddenly a symbol appeared on a carriage it resembled the mechanical being. Puzzled by this he wondered maybe, just maybe he wasn’t alone after all.

The man dives into the warm tropical sea, which looked like sparkling diamonds. Swimming as mountains of seaweed surrounded him. All sorts of creatures pop out everywhere like a circus.