Sunday, 8 June 2014

Jordan's Writing

Flying Potatoes

Mostly on a sunny day Mum and I would pick potatoes from our vegie garden. Then we would go outside to the chooks and rat pack all the eggs, we also will often pick onions from the soil down by Grandma’s.

Once we got all the ingredients, Mum raved up the pan and melted butter, then put the onions in the pan to brown. While the onions were cooking Mum had the potatoes in the oven so they crisp when you put them in them in the pan. “Hmm nice and crispy,” I mumbled when I was checking how long it would be till tea is ready.

Mum separated the eggs and mashed up the yolks that were in them and then put them in the pan to cook the potatoes and onions. Soon tea is ready Mum plops the food out of the pan onto our plates.

“Dinner is served,” Mum called, “Enjoy.”