Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Our Writing

The crunch echoed through my ears, but the salty taste of the crackers, just wasn't right. Soon I was climbing the pantry cupboards just hoping to get a glance of a pot of salsa, but my search was bare. I raced outside to the sandpit to publicly sulk, but then somehow I managed to change my mind, instead of pulling my usual drama I gulped down a delicious mouthful of sand!

It was a blazing hot day in Oamaru, birds chirping, waves crashing, kids playing and enjoying themselves. I was just sitting in the hot sun making a sand castle, it was as huge as a skyscraper. Then all of a sudden a huge wave came crashing by, destroying my gold castle, leaving nothing but thin sand.

One Wednesday afternoon, at the Oamaru harbour, our school group had a sandcastle building competition. Our team used slimy seaweed, wet oak wood and cold salty water. With our slimy hands and short legs we build a surprise looking sandcastle.

I remember it like yesterday, hot sand under my feet, cool breeze through the air. I felt like swimming, problem was I was way too scared, so instead I spent a lot of time under the cold shadow of a nearby cliff. I tried to make a sand castle but the sand kept deforming.

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