Thursday, 24 July 2014

Welcome to Term 3

Welcome to Term 3 everyone, we have another busy term with cross country and singing cup. We welcomed Megan and Roger to our class term. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to pop in anytime or you can contact me by email:
Important Dates and Reminders
- Parent Teacher Interviews are next week, please book in a time on: 
- We are on Mass in week 5 which will be the 21st of August if you would like to join us.
- P.E days this term are Monday and Thursday. Please wear your P.E gear to school on these days. We will also be starting cross country training this week which means the children will need their sports shoes and their P.E uniform/change of clothes every day. They don’t need to wear that to school they can just bring it in their bag.
- Cross Country is in week 4 and Singing Cup is in week 10.
- We are a health promoting school so please keep this in mind with the children’s lunches. We are still doing fruit and read too so please make sure there is at least one piece of fruit in your child’s lunchbox.

- Homework will start this week, we are using the same sheet as the first 2 terms and children are required to get at least 10 points over the term. The more points they get the more class money they get.
- They are expected to be reading every day and I expect some children will be getting close to finishing the 30 book challenge by the end of the term.
- There will be a book review going home for homework in the next couple of weeks too.
- The children should be practicing their basic facts as much as possible. They need to be fast at their multiplication facts by the end of the year. I will also occasionally send home strategy practice or flashcards for those who need extra practice.

What’s Going on at School
- We are really lucky this term to still have Mrs Patterson working in our class for a few hours a week. She will continue working with a group of students for reading and maths. This is a great extension opportunity for these children.
- In Reading we will be focusing on using all of our comprehension strategies we have been learning about in the first 2 terms. The children have a range of activities to complete in a week so they have choice of when to complete these and they have to manage their time to ensure they complete everything.
- In Writing we will be continuing to focus on how we can be level 3 writers by writing a range of types and topics. We will writing less to focus more on quality and improving their work.
- In Maths we will be continuing our problem solving focus and developing resilience in Maths. We are starting the term by reviewing our strategies for addition and subtraction and our measurement strand from last term. We will then move on to focusing on multiplication, division and measurement.
- In R.E we will be focusing finishing off the God strand this week and then moving to the Church strand.
- Our theme for the year is ‘Living the way, the truth and the light’. This term we are focusing on politics and how we can make changes in our country to make it a better place.

Blogs This is our class blog site, the children regularly post on the blog and their learning is shared on here. There is also links and information for you to help them with their learning at home, especially maths videos to help them to practice their strategies.
I am really impressed with some children’s fantastic blogging that they are doing on their own blog sites. It is great to see them owning their learning and sharing it with us. Keep up the blogging!

Modern Learning Environment
We have changed how our classroom is set it to allow the children to choose where they sit. They are learning to make good choices to suit their learning.

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