Sunday, 12 October 2014

Homework Term 4 Week 1-3

Muffin/Cupcake Design 

In preparation for mini master chef and our challenges in our upcoming EOTC week, your project is to make your own muffins/cupcakes, package and market them.
On Friday the 31st of October (end of week 3) you will be presenting your new product. We will be judging the winners and there will be prizes for the best product.

You need to:
- Make at least 5 muffins/cupcakes, try to make them original so they stand out from everyone elses. We will be taste testing them too.
- Create some form of original packaging for your muffins/cupcakes. You need to be able to see them through the packaging and you will need to have the ingredients and your product name on the packaging too.
- Create advertising for your product. This could be a poster, a video, a short ad that you could present on the day or anything else you can think of.
- Lastly you need to publish a copy of your recipe so we can put them together to make a recipe book (try to keep it to one page).
- You will be judged on your packaging, presentation of muffins/cupcakes, advertising and taste.

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