Monday, 17 November 2014

EOTC writing

The wind swirled around,
My heart began to pound.
The excitement was near,
But so was my fear.
My harness was tightened,
No burden was lightened.
But with a nervous smile,
I climbed the steep mile.
Right down the large rock,
Recovered from shock
And with my feet on the ground
The wind swirled around.


We were going up and down
Depending our lives on the rope
Using our feet to control us

Fun, challenging
Team, helping, crew
Working as a gang
Fun day


Fear swept through my mind, as I climbed the fierce rock face. I was merely half way up when my legs began to give way.
 I yelled, “You got me?”
A voice far below yelled back, “Yes!”
I slowly lent back, till eventually becoming vertical and then set off all the way back down.


Breezy, sunny
Running, slipping, jumping
Having fun with the class

Slipping, bouncing
Climbing, dropping, hiking
Freak you out


I ran up the steps with a smile on my face, my body all jittery with excitement. As I entered through the doors, I could feel my body shaking with joy. My eyes widened as I approached the multi coloured shapes which stood out in front of me. I slowly approached the road anxious for what would come next. Paper was flying everywhere, I made a dash to get to the rocks. Finally the moment of truth was here, as I took my first step. It was easy to start, but about half way through my hands started to get sweaty, struggling to grab a hold, my feet were slipping. I tried to pull my body up but it was no use, I could not go any further, disappointed I came down.


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