Thursday, 18 December 2014

Water fight

We had some fun in our water fight yesterday and definitely took Pohutukawa down!

Monday, 15 December 2014

Cameron's Writing

So here I was,in my bedroom, watching Captain America The Winter Soldier. Then mid way through the movie I got teleported into the T.V!

Lots of purple,gooey stuff was around me,some of it was on my new T-Shirt.Then I thought if I come back home in Philadelphia with that gooey stuff on me,I could become a famous professor and fly to Washington D.C and meet President Obama.When I was thinking about this,I didn't realized that I was out of the portal.Then I thought,where am I? who wants me? is this a trap? then I looked up.

I saw Captain America,he said that I have developed superpowers! I jumped into the air as high as a airplane flying in the sky.Then Captain America told me that I have figured out my 3 superpowers leaping,flying and strength
Captain America said that I can save a lot of lives and wear this golden uniform for ever.

So I went home and flew over to Washington D.C to show president Obama the purple gooey stuff,I went back home to Philadelphia and saved a lot of lives.I am well known as Professor Rob Robinson and Fantasy Man.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Jordan's Writing

I Just Won The Lotto!!
I reach for my pen, and cross the numbers 26,19,23,17,9,6,
and pray that they are the winning numbers “hi mum”said my daughter fran
“hi sweetpea you need to pray that we win the lotto tonight ok” i said
“ok fine but you realize you wont win we live in oamaru the highest amount here would be $40” she answered “stop being so negative”i replied.

a few hours later.

“Fran!!! im going to supermarket be back in minute with lots of money”i called “yeah right”she replied
I get some supplies before i check my numbers,
now its moment of truth, i put my ticket into the slot, i read the machine you have just won 80 million dollars “OH MY GOSH!!”i yelled through the
super market,
i rushed home trying not to smile “hi fran im home i have something to show you” i said “is it a puppy please tell me its a puppy or its a kitten show me, whats the surprise?”

I showed her what i had.
“oh my gosh you won the lotto im so sorry for being so negative,
but you must not really care because you won the lotto, you won.

Isabella's Writing

You may think that narwhals are normal creatures that roam the Arctic, but believe it or not the narwhal population is said to be about 40,000, but all that is changing. Oil and gas is taking over narwhals habitat. Because of more ships in the sea, there are more collisions which will make more noise and that will affect the communication among the the whales causing them to be confused because they can’t hear each other.

Different to other species of whale that migrate, narwhals live their lives in the ice cold waters of Canada, Greenland, Norway and Russia. In the winter most narwhals stay under the ice for up to five months in the Baffin Bay-Davis strait area. Narwhals are usually seen in groups of twenty to thirty with different combinations of male, female and calves.

Narwhals calves are generally born in July and born outside deep bays and channels and stay with the mother narwhal for about twenty months after they are born. Female narwhals are old enough to have their calves at the age of five years and over and males after eight years. Calves are born in the middle of July in the following year (after 15 months of gestation) Female narwhals normally give birth every three years.

Narwhals tusk is said to be an important part of the mating process, because the males have been seen quite a lot, crossing  tusks during mating season, as well as using them during over fighting over who's the head of the pod. Narwhals have small round heads. They have short flippers with upturned tips, but they have no flippers on their back.

So now you see why these amazing creatures should live. So stop releasing oil and gas into the ocean so they can live their wonderful lives.      

Joseph's Writing

Winning The Lottery

“And the winning numbers are: 1,4,2,6,2,7,2,7,9,0,8,3,5!”
I look down at my card and see those numbers. I had won Big Wednesday!
“The lucky winner will be teleported here in 5,4,4,4,1! I feel a small amount of static and look down. My feet go transparent and then pop. Then the rest of me pops and I’m at the lottery place. “And here is our lucky winner, Nathan!”

I enter quickly and stop in front of the callers.  The people show everyone a quick clip of my history of helpfulness. I take my chance to ask my questions there and then. “Who are you? How do you know my name? How did you get that clip? How did you teleport me off my sofa?” The questions came in a rush. “Well, I am Andrea and my assistant is William. I know your name because-”
“Well that is Nathans story of how he got to be here.” William said and I realised that we were on air once more. “So, spin the Wheel Of Fortune!”

I spin the wheel with all my strength. The prizes flash by and I read a few. A boat! A lamborghini! A diamond encrusted glove! A! MILLION! DOLLARS! A diamond statue of me! The wheel slows. More prizes. Slower. Prizes. Slower. Stop. I had won a diamond as big as my fist! “Look at that prize!” William stated. “Nobody has EVER won that before!”
“And thats tonights show!” Andera exclaims. “Goodnight everybody!” Then everything swirls and I-

“Whoa” I exclaim as I wake up. “That was a crazy dream. Maybe I should go get a ‘double shot soy, not to hot mochachoca*’!” I walk down to the store and buy a double shot soy, not to hot mochachoca. Then I walk past the lotto store. “hmmm… maybe i’ll buy a ticket.” I buy a ticket just as the numbers are called. “ The winning numbers are: 1,2,4,3,6,5,7,8,0,9!” I look at my card. Those are the numbers. “Not again!” I groan as I feel that strange Static once more. “The winner will be teleported here in 5,4,4,7,1!”

Jacob's Writing


To night on 9 news we have a 45 year old woman in Melbourne was helping an elderly resident hang up her washing when a sinkhole opened up beneath his feet, leaving her to fall 9 feet (3 metres) beneath the ground.At the moment we go live to Kaleb  who is in Melbounrne with the lady who fell down the hole.

“Well  i saw a old lady that was hanging her washing up but then the impossible happened .A 3 meter big sink hole appeared under my feet but luckily it didn't close on top of me so i got the old lady to go and call the 111 and ask for the fire department. So she did and then they came around but the didn’t have a longer enough ladder. So they had get the fire department from Canberra to bring a bigger ladder so they  could rescue me. So about 5 hours later i was rescued, so they took me to the hospital and about 1 hour later i was discharged so thats the story”

“So a remarkable story with a even better outcome . Thats me from Melbourne so back to you in the studio”
“That was Kaleb  reporting, .That as for tonight so see you tomorrow

Antonia's Writing

My holiday poem.

Holiday time is lots of fun playing with friends in the sun.
Otematata is fun to go to when its not too cold.
Lake Aviemore its great to ski when its not two windy
I love to go to Haka. they have the best ice cream.
Duntroon is great to fish.
Away in the hills a deer or two.
You now know where to go for the best christmas Ho,Ho,Ho:):):)

Mackenzie's Writing

Cats tongues
Have you ever wondered why cats tongues are rough. Well all that woundering is over
for good.
In the center of the tongue the cat has a small backwards facing barb, Known as filiform papillae.
These papillaes contain keratin and serve several functions.
The cat uses the barbs on its tongue to to clean themselves.The barbs on the cats tongue helps to keep them clean and not end up scruffy the second after.Those ruff barbs are so rough that the barbs brush their fur to make them tidy and neat.
It is a true fact that a cats tongue gets stronger by sticking it out at you. These cats have at least 130 disease-causing microbes exist in your cat’s mouth, and due to her long, thin teeth, bites are more likely to cause puncture wounds, which can reach into joints and bones and are extremely difficult to clean. Up to 80% of cat bites can get infected if the wounds are not properly treated.
Cats are very unique creatures and have a lot of fun things that are on their tongues.
By Mackenzie Cunningham  

Taine's Writing

The best of minecraft. In minecraft you can get things like a diamond pick axe so you can get gold ,diamonds, iron ,and lapies.

If you make a portal you can go to the ender dragon but you have to kill it with a bow and arrow so you get this little balls it gets you more levels like up to 30.

In minecraft there are creepers, zombies spiders, skeletons, have bow and arrows to kill you but if you full diamond army so you don’t get killed.

You find diamonds 10 blocks up from bedrock  it’s good getting diamond army and a pickaxe.

I think minecraft is good because you can find a lot of stuff and it is so unsual
you can kill zombies with a diamond sword and you can get stuff from the zombies. If you kill a creeper you get two bits of gunpowder.

If you play minecraft you will be loving minecraft for your whole life it’s the best game ever.

Emily's Writing

kiwi attempts diving

We are here live with a life attempt by kiwi free diver william trubridge.

Kiwi freediver William Trubridge, Trubridge came close to eclipsing his own freediving record of 101 metres in the Bahamas this morning after diving 102 metres. But just 20 metres short of the surface, the 34-year-old signalled for assistance and needed to be helped to the top.

He has failed to complete one of his goals 102 meters  as he said he ran out of oxygen in his body and he gets a feeling when he knows when to pull the rope.he said to us that he is sorry and he will bring home a record for us.

Harriet's Writing

I developed a super power
I walk into S.H.E.I.L.D hovercraft, to find Beetee sitting there and looking at me not with an ordinary kind look more of a mean and selfish look. “What happened” I ask before realising my mistake, Beetee jumps up from his chair and races over to my before i could say bingo.

Then he handcuffs me he hand cuffs me!!!!!!! “I am the mockingjay i think” “What are you doing.” Beetee shoves a long syringe into my arm, that looks like it is filled with some sought of attonic gasses “help!” black armed guards come and realise the dilemma. they pick me up and pull me out of the room.

My eyes slide open, very slowly, very quietly. I stare at this guard who is lying next to me looking soulfully scared I look down at myself i am completely covered in feathers I realise what i am i’m a mockingjay.

In comes a nurse she screams! I get up and begin to run I don’t know what i’m doing i’m just running. I come to the deck it is so bright it looks like the suns come to earth and blinded everyone.

Slowly the eyes of the new me adjust,or in other words become able to see. I run to the edge of the hovercraft “I want to die.” swinging over the edge my wings spread and instead of falling, gliding is what happens i tell you.
The mockingjay floats down to the ground wow that was amazing katniss I tell myself.Even though it was the time of my life, tears flood my eyes. Someone must have seen me for shouts of horror from distant areas around me, phones begin to ring, “animal control is coming!” someone screams. “NO I SCREAMING IT OUT TO YOU NO!” I am perfectly normal.

The next thing I know is that Animal control has turned up and is rushing over to me. “It is alright,” they say “where just going to put you in the cage here, alright.” “NEVER YOUR’E GOING TO KILL ME I AM NOT STUPID.” immediately i spread my wings and take flight into the breezy sky.

Keane's Writing


I remember it as if it were yesterday,boarding the plane all the excitement rushing to my head,what was going to happen when i get to the foreign land across the pond who’s going to be there when i land.All these questions filled my body with fear,excitement,and nervousness but not to much.Fortunately my mum knew what was going to happen so that calmed me down a bit.

I finally landed and the first thing that came to my mind was that it was cold,freezing cold but when i saw my dad my whole body started to melt because he left the Philippines before us and i was heart broken and i always wanted to go with him but I couldn't. After that i wasn't able to sleep for sometime but i learned to handle the pain but it was worth it when we were together again.One part of the memory is when i saw our t.v,it was extremely old it was probably from the time when the television was created and i think we could only watch C.D's on it but i liked it,it had a certain feel,i had many memories with it.