Monday, 15 December 2014

Cameron's Writing

So here I was,in my bedroom, watching Captain America The Winter Soldier. Then mid way through the movie I got teleported into the T.V!

Lots of purple,gooey stuff was around me,some of it was on my new T-Shirt.Then I thought if I come back home in Philadelphia with that gooey stuff on me,I could become a famous professor and fly to Washington D.C and meet President Obama.When I was thinking about this,I didn't realized that I was out of the portal.Then I thought,where am I? who wants me? is this a trap? then I looked up.

I saw Captain America,he said that I have developed superpowers! I jumped into the air as high as a airplane flying in the sky.Then Captain America told me that I have figured out my 3 superpowers leaping,flying and strength
Captain America said that I can save a lot of lives and wear this golden uniform for ever.

So I went home and flew over to Washington D.C to show president Obama the purple gooey stuff,I went back home to Philadelphia and saved a lot of lives.I am well known as Professor Rob Robinson and Fantasy Man.

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