Saturday, 13 December 2014

Harriet's Writing

I developed a super power
I walk into S.H.E.I.L.D hovercraft, to find Beetee sitting there and looking at me not with an ordinary kind look more of a mean and selfish look. “What happened” I ask before realising my mistake, Beetee jumps up from his chair and races over to my before i could say bingo.

Then he handcuffs me he hand cuffs me!!!!!!! “I am the mockingjay i think” “What are you doing.” Beetee shoves a long syringe into my arm, that looks like it is filled with some sought of attonic gasses “help!” black armed guards come and realise the dilemma. they pick me up and pull me out of the room.

My eyes slide open, very slowly, very quietly. I stare at this guard who is lying next to me looking soulfully scared I look down at myself i am completely covered in feathers I realise what i am i’m a mockingjay.

In comes a nurse she screams! I get up and begin to run I don’t know what i’m doing i’m just running. I come to the deck it is so bright it looks like the suns come to earth and blinded everyone.

Slowly the eyes of the new me adjust,or in other words become able to see. I run to the edge of the hovercraft “I want to die.” swinging over the edge my wings spread and instead of falling, gliding is what happens i tell you.
The mockingjay floats down to the ground wow that was amazing katniss I tell myself.Even though it was the time of my life, tears flood my eyes. Someone must have seen me for shouts of horror from distant areas around me, phones begin to ring, “animal control is coming!” someone screams. “NO I SCREAMING IT OUT TO YOU NO!” I am perfectly normal.

The next thing I know is that Animal control has turned up and is rushing over to me. “It is alright,” they say “where just going to put you in the cage here, alright.” “NEVER YOUR’E GOING TO KILL ME I AM NOT STUPID.” immediately i spread my wings and take flight into the breezy sky.

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