Saturday, 13 December 2014

Jacob's Writing


To night on 9 news we have a 45 year old woman in Melbourne was helping an elderly resident hang up her washing when a sinkhole opened up beneath his feet, leaving her to fall 9 feet (3 metres) beneath the ground.At the moment we go live to Kaleb  who is in Melbounrne with the lady who fell down the hole.

“Well  i saw a old lady that was hanging her washing up but then the impossible happened .A 3 meter big sink hole appeared under my feet but luckily it didn't close on top of me so i got the old lady to go and call the 111 and ask for the fire department. So she did and then they came around but the didn’t have a longer enough ladder. So they had get the fire department from Canberra to bring a bigger ladder so they  could rescue me. So about 5 hours later i was rescued, so they took me to the hospital and about 1 hour later i was discharged so thats the story”

“So a remarkable story with a even better outcome . Thats me from Melbourne so back to you in the studio”
“That was Kaleb  reporting, .That as for tonight so see you tomorrow

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