Saturday, 13 December 2014

Jordan's Writing

I Just Won The Lotto!!
I reach for my pen, and cross the numbers 26,19,23,17,9,6,
and pray that they are the winning numbers “hi mum”said my daughter fran
“hi sweetpea you need to pray that we win the lotto tonight ok” i said
“ok fine but you realize you wont win we live in oamaru the highest amount here would be $40” she answered “stop being so negative”i replied.

a few hours later.

“Fran!!! im going to supermarket be back in minute with lots of money”i called “yeah right”she replied
I get some supplies before i check my numbers,
now its moment of truth, i put my ticket into the slot, i read the machine you have just won 80 million dollars “OH MY GOSH!!”i yelled through the
super market,
i rushed home trying not to smile “hi fran im home i have something to show you” i said “is it a puppy please tell me its a puppy or its a kitten show me, whats the surprise?”

I showed her what i had.
“oh my gosh you won the lotto im so sorry for being so negative,
but you must not really care because you won the lotto, you won.

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