Saturday, 13 December 2014

Joseph's Writing

Winning The Lottery

“And the winning numbers are: 1,4,2,6,2,7,2,7,9,0,8,3,5!”
I look down at my card and see those numbers. I had won Big Wednesday!
“The lucky winner will be teleported here in 5,4,4,4,1! I feel a small amount of static and look down. My feet go transparent and then pop. Then the rest of me pops and I’m at the lottery place. “And here is our lucky winner, Nathan!”

I enter quickly and stop in front of the callers.  The people show everyone a quick clip of my history of helpfulness. I take my chance to ask my questions there and then. “Who are you? How do you know my name? How did you get that clip? How did you teleport me off my sofa?” The questions came in a rush. “Well, I am Andrea and my assistant is William. I know your name because-”
“Well that is Nathans story of how he got to be here.” William said and I realised that we were on air once more. “So, spin the Wheel Of Fortune!”

I spin the wheel with all my strength. The prizes flash by and I read a few. A boat! A lamborghini! A diamond encrusted glove! A! MILLION! DOLLARS! A diamond statue of me! The wheel slows. More prizes. Slower. Prizes. Slower. Stop. I had won a diamond as big as my fist! “Look at that prize!” William stated. “Nobody has EVER won that before!”
“And thats tonights show!” Andera exclaims. “Goodnight everybody!” Then everything swirls and I-

“Whoa” I exclaim as I wake up. “That was a crazy dream. Maybe I should go get a ‘double shot soy, not to hot mochachoca*’!” I walk down to the store and buy a double shot soy, not to hot mochachoca. Then I walk past the lotto store. “hmmm… maybe i’ll buy a ticket.” I buy a ticket just as the numbers are called. “ The winning numbers are: 1,2,4,3,6,5,7,8,0,9!” I look at my card. Those are the numbers. “Not again!” I groan as I feel that strange Static once more. “The winner will be teleported here in 5,4,4,7,1!”

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