Saturday, 13 December 2014

Keane's Writing


I remember it as if it were yesterday,boarding the plane all the excitement rushing to my head,what was going to happen when i get to the foreign land across the pond who’s going to be there when i land.All these questions filled my body with fear,excitement,and nervousness but not to much.Fortunately my mum knew what was going to happen so that calmed me down a bit.

I finally landed and the first thing that came to my mind was that it was cold,freezing cold but when i saw my dad my whole body started to melt because he left the Philippines before us and i was heart broken and i always wanted to go with him but I couldn't. After that i wasn't able to sleep for sometime but i learned to handle the pain but it was worth it when we were together again.One part of the memory is when i saw our t.v,it was extremely old it was probably from the time when the television was created and i think we could only watch C.D's on it but i liked it,it had a certain feel,i had many memories with it.  

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