Saturday, 13 December 2014

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Cats tongues
Have you ever wondered why cats tongues are rough. Well all that woundering is over
for good.
In the center of the tongue the cat has a small backwards facing barb, Known as filiform papillae.
These papillaes contain keratin and serve several functions.
The cat uses the barbs on its tongue to to clean themselves.The barbs on the cats tongue helps to keep them clean and not end up scruffy the second after.Those ruff barbs are so rough that the barbs brush their fur to make them tidy and neat.
It is a true fact that a cats tongue gets stronger by sticking it out at you. These cats have at least 130 disease-causing microbes exist in your cat’s mouth, and due to her long, thin teeth, bites are more likely to cause puncture wounds, which can reach into joints and bones and are extremely difficult to clean. Up to 80% of cat bites can get infected if the wounds are not properly treated.
Cats are very unique creatures and have a lot of fun things that are on their tongues.
By Mackenzie Cunningham  

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