Saturday, 13 December 2014

Taine's Writing

The best of minecraft. In minecraft you can get things like a diamond pick axe so you can get gold ,diamonds, iron ,and lapies.

If you make a portal you can go to the ender dragon but you have to kill it with a bow and arrow so you get this little balls it gets you more levels like up to 30.

In minecraft there are creepers, zombies spiders, skeletons, have bow and arrows to kill you but if you full diamond army so you don’t get killed.

You find diamonds 10 blocks up from bedrock  it’s good getting diamond army and a pickaxe.

I think minecraft is good because you can find a lot of stuff and it is so unsual
you can kill zombies with a diamond sword and you can get stuff from the zombies. If you kill a creeper you get two bits of gunpowder.

If you play minecraft you will be loving minecraft for your whole life it’s the best game ever.

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