Tuesday, 10 February 2015

What is prayer...

This is what the year 7's came up with today for a definition of what prayer is...

Let people know who God is.
Thinking about others who are at hard times.
Staying loyal to God.
Prayer is something when thinking of God we pray for people who are hurt or feeling sad
prayer is trying to get help from heaven
thinking of others, becoming a stronger person
Thinking deeply prayer is a time of reverence
Reach to God to tell him how you think of bad things happening in the world.
Thinking of thoughtful prayers Having prayers Having to think really deep
for what we are praying for.
Helping people unwell/dying
prayer is worship think as deeeeeeeep as u can
Prayer is praying to God about your worries
thinking for others
prayer is worshiping God and thanking him for all he has done for us
Prayer is giving to the poor
Prayer is when you pray for forgiveness

The definition of prayer is when you are asking God for help or advice.

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  1. google docs is so cool it makes thing so easy