Sunday, 5 April 2015

Activities for the holidays

If you want to do some work over the holidays, these are some ideas:

 - Make sure you have finished your plan for your inquiry trip so you are ready to do your essay in the first week back

- Look at others blogs and comment on their learning

- Have a look at the teaching and learning site - look at the progressions and see where you need to be as a year 7:

Writing - do some writing on your documents and then in the right hand corner click the blue share button and type in and then I will be able to give you some feedback. Use this document to help you get some ideas for your writing:

These are some good websites to practice your comprehension and help your deeper thinking: - when you choose a wonder it has a vocab activity and some comprehension activities on the right hand side.  - when you choose a video on the right hand side it has 'think' at the side which is a range of questions about the video. - create a login and then you can practice your comprehension strategies. - good thinking activities - webquests you could follow one of these and present your findings if you wanted too.

Maths -  has everything we look at it in maths
Mathletics videos to watch and some games to play too

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