Saturday, 2 May 2015

Novel Studies Week 3

I am looking forward to seeing all of your group responses to this weeks topic!

Describe a key character in your book...
Describe their personality, appearance and relationships with other characters

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  1. Bean: tall,skinny,clever,turkey and apple farmer,mean,nasty,unfriendly,big chin,big nose,unkind,scaring,horrible,bad maners, no friends,brags about his farm,think for himself.

  2. Mr Twit ugly beard, rotting moldy beard, horrifying ugly man, 40-50, bad health, looks like a horror scene star, twit garbage truck, no windows house, disgusting dead tree, mean, creepy sneaky pesonality, naughty, Gets wild easily
    Mrs Twit looks like Mr Twits horror number 1 fan, She reminds me of a big bush because of her big fluffy hair,Mrs twit is as round as a trucker tire, Describer,

  3. Stanley Yelnats in this novel is very big for his age,he has green eyes,ears the size of marshmallows and he is a very unlucky boy. He was cursed by his great-great grandfather who stole a pig from a gypsie.He is actually a very good boy and was very unfortunate with coming to this camp because the sneakers were thrown over an overpass, he picked them up and started running to his home because his dad was doing an experiment on shoes.

  4. Trish is doing Abdul
    He is very hard working,loves making things right,A very independent worker,loving and caring
    and watches out for his family

    Tannah is doing Hassan
    He is a unique person, helpful, sarcastic, hard worker(sometimes) and independent. But he loves to care for his family and all his friends.

    By Tannah and Trish