Saturday, 9 May 2015

Novel Studies Week 4

Think about the book you are reading at the moment.  What would you change in it?   This is the same process when you are writing.   What would you change in your writing to add more impact - to grab the reader's attention and create that vivid image in their heads?

If you wouldn't change a thing in the book you're reading, then write about why you wouldn't.  What makes that book work so well for you?  What has the author done to achieve this?


  1. take out the kids because they are inrelavent. change the charators weight. instead of a hole its a burrow. change the type of farmers, to make it more relitatic. more discrption on the charitors. different ending, to make it interresting. better sulution.

  2. saluni's=Probly at the end mr twit and mr twit could get beter.mine= the only thing to change is the disgusting thing they do.cody's= mr and mrs twit put glue on the tree so the birds get stuck on the tree and mr twit get them for bird pie night

  3. Not make it a summary, make sure the author dosen't use all the best parts at the start. Not make it a summary, not put an analssys at the end, not make it a summary, not put eassy questions at the end, NOT MAKE IT A SUMMARY!!! Don't make the intro spoil the whole book, not make it a summary. take out the need for meat. Not make it a summary, add more pictures and, of course, NOT MAKE IT A SUMMARY!!! Stop it being scary and confusing, not make it a summary... LORD OF THE FLIES GROUP.

  4. Walk in my shoes!!
    Trish: we should make more explosions, different characters and different setting
    Tannah: more character discription and setting
    Jordan: more dramatic
    Yneke: here more about where she came from earlier in the book
    Vannisah: we could have more problems terror come back
    Harriet: nothing because it shows that what it was like for people in the times of the taliban

  5. holes
    We think that the is fine the way it is and if stanley didn't take the shoes the book would not of been the way it is