Sunday, 19 July 2015

Term 3

Hi everyone welcome to term 3, I hope everyone has had a great holiday and is ready to go for term 3.
  • This term is another action filled term. Technology starts in week 7, cross country is in week 4, we do the DARE programme this term too.
  • P.E days are Monday and Wednesday and sometimes Friday's too but I will let you know in the weekly email the days in case it changes. We will also be doing cross country training most days starting week 2, so the children will need their P.E gear or sports shoes with them everyday.
  • Maths - our focus is fractions, decimals, percentages, proportions and ratios and problem solving. On the teaching and learning site is the progression for this unit so you can see what your child needs to know. Would be great to see children using mathletics more at home. If children don't have mathletics we will be logging them into e-ako which they can use at home too.
  • Reading/Writing/Inquiry - This term we are focussing on careers and this will be our main reading and writing throughout the term. We will also be having a careers expo in week 10 for the children to share their learning. 
  • Camp - There will be a note going out this week about fundraising. Then another note with all of the details in the next couple of weeks once all the costs have been finalised. 
  • Please make sure you are looking at the week goals and talking to your child about their learning.

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