Thursday, 26 November 2015

What we learnt about being a tem member and leadership on camp

Team member
  • Trust your friends
  • Not everyone feels the same courage on some things
  • key
  • fun working with other people
  • encouraging and supportive
  • doing your part
  • encourage each other
  • help others
  • Talking and helping
  • Look out for my team even if they are not struggling
  • Trust
  • My classmates are fun and good people
  • working as a team helps you to succeed
  • don’t push people too much if they don’t want to do something
  • someone will always be there to back you up
  • 2 is better than 1
  • If you stick together you can do well
  • You are as fast as your slowest member and we are all in together (3)
  • You have to be patient because not everything is likely to go to plan
  • Focus
  • Work together and use everyone’s ideas and communicate so that it will work
  • You have to co-operate with everyone and listen to each other

  • It's your responsibility to trust your team
  • you need to understand your team members
  • harder to lead than I thought
  • patient with everyone
  • being confident
  • help and lead each other
  • every team needs a leader
  • Have to be responsible
  • Respectful and kind to others
  • encouraging people and being a good team member
  • leaders are leaders for a reason
  • you have to go at the slowest person's speed
  • Give helpful advice
  • always support others
  • Give it a go and to not say it’s going to be horrible before you even try an activity
  • Patience/resilience, listening to each other
  • I need to be resilient and listen to everyone's ideas
  • You need to know you won’t always get it right

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